Vogue Optical partners with Canadian Diabetes Association

Vision loss is a serious complication for people living with diabetes. Vogue Optical has partnered with the Canadian Diabetes Association in Atlantic Canada to support leading-edge research and continued programs and services to support people living with diabetes. Known as diabetic retinopathy, it is the most common cause of blindness in people under age 65 and the most common cause of new blindness in North America.

For New Brunswick native Barry Walton the day-to-day management of living with type 1 diabetes can be an emotional drain. “The fear of blindness is scary but I learn to live with it and block this thought from my mind,” says Walton. Barry started experiencing complications into his 40’s and he is now legally blind in his right eye.

“It is great to see Vogue Optical help support people like me and so many others who are managing with this disease every day.”

Over the next three years, Vogue Optical will support the Association’s public education programs that offer tips and advice for diabetes management and the prevention of serious complications. “We’re proud of our commitment to support the Association as we see the number of people living with diabetes in our community continuing to increase,” says Cory Gray, Vice-President of Vogue Optical. “This partnership shows our continued dedication to help make a difference in the lives of people in our communities.”

Left to right: Cory Gray, Vice President of Vogue Optical; Michael Cloutier, President and CEO, Canadian Diabetes Association; and Terry Lewis, Development Coordinator, Canadian Diabetes Association.
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