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We have launched a brand new high definition lens. our Mobile HD! This progressive lens is specially designed for our customers that use a lot of hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets. What makes it unique is it has a faster transition from your distance to near visual fields making it easier for you to switch viewing distances from far to near.

Drop in to any of our Vogue Optical locations and ask one of our knowledgeable staff to show you all of the benefits of our Mobile HD!


More about Mobile HD lenses


Fully personalized progressive lens for smartphones and tablets users:

Developed specifically for users of electronic devices, this design provides wide visual fields for both near and distance vision combined with a smooth transition which facilitates switching between them. The design also includes a unique an shorter progression profile in order to make the transition from distance to near vision even easier.



  • Enhanced near and intermediate visual fields
  • Better dynamic vision thanks to Smart Add
  • High quality vision for all gaze directions
  • Greater comfort and visual quality while reading on electronic devices


Unique progression profile:

Mobile HD has a unique progression profile which is faster at the beginning and softer at the end of the corridor. This unique profile allows for a faster and more comfortable transition from the distance zone to the reading zone while expanding intermediate and near visual fields.

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