How to Wash Your Glasses


During cold and flu season, we take extra care to wash our hands and sanitize our homes and work stations but when was the last time you actually washed your glasses? Here are the steps you should be taking every day to protect your health and your investment.

Let’s go through the proper steps to clean both your frames and lenses.


1. Start by washing your hands to ensure there are no lotions etc. on your hands that might transfer to your eyewear.


2. Rinse your glasses under lukewarm water. This will remove any dust that might be on the lens surface.


3. Apply a tiny drop of lotion-free liquid dish soap on your fingertips and gently rub both sides of the lenses and all parts of the frame between your fingers. Pay particular attention to the area of the frame that sits on your nose as this is where a lot of oil from your skin can accumulate.


4. Thoroughly rinse all residue off the lenses and the frames. Failing to remove all the soap can cause the lenses to smear when you dry them.


5. Using a soft, clean lint-free cloth, gently absorb any remaining water from the frame and the lenses.


6. After you have them nice and dry, the final step is to use a clean microfibre cloth to polish the lenses to remove any streaks or smudges left behind after the thorough cleaning.


Taking just a few minutes each day to clean your glasses will keep them looking great and help prevent scratches.

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