6 Ways to Tell Your Child May Have Vision Problems

glasses-kidSome illnesses are easier to spot in our children than others. Eye problems can be tricky to catch if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

If you notice your child showing any of the signs below, book an eye exam online or call Vogue Optical toll-free at: 1-877-489-2020 and we’ll arrange an eye exam for your child.


1. Trouble reading or losing their place while reading a book

This is very common among children who are experiencing vision issues. Other signs include avoiding close-up activities like drawing or coloring. Does your child cover one eye while watching TV or reading? This is another sign that something is wrong.


2. Eye rubbing or light sensitivity

If your child is extra prone to rubbing their eyes during the day and/or dislikes going outside because the sun hurts their eyes, they may be experiencing eye problems.


3. Short attention span

Although short attention spans in children are common, a shorter than average attention span may hint at vision problems, especially if the activity involves a visual element.


4. Tilting the head or looking side to side

Both of these actions may be signs of vision problems in children. Head tilting may be a sign of your child experience double vision (as tilting the head sometimes helps slightly) while looking side to side may be a sign of astigmatism.


5. Headache or squinting

This is a common sign in people of all ages, not just children, of vision problems. Vision-related problems are caused by the eye muscles having to work harder to focus on objects, tiring the eye quicker than usual.


6. Excessive tripping or bumping into objects.

It’s easy to trip to knock into something when you can’t see it. Some may chalk this up to clumsiness, but sometimes corrective lenses can make a big difference to the well-being of your child’s eyes and life.


If you are at all concerned about child’s vision, speak to an optician at your local Vogue Optical location or make an eye exam appointment.

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