4 Spooky Halloween Costume Tips

If you’re planning to wear a costume this Halloween, there are several things to keep in mind while getting all dressed up.

Contact Lenses should be fitted by a licensed eye care professional.

We get a lot of questions about cosmetic contact lenses around this time of year. Cosmetic contact lenses are classified as medical devices, and can cause serious complications if not fit properly. Many of these novelty costume contact lenses are made from cheap material and can cause infections or damage to the eye.

Please be sure to see a licensed eye care professional, such as a contact lens fitter, to properly fit your cosmetic contact lenses. They will also ensure you have the correct information on how to wear and care for your contact lenses to help minimize the risks associated with these medical devices.

Avoid your eye area when applying makeup and any costume accessories.

If you are applying makeup very close to the eye, use only products approved for use in that area such as an eyeliner or eye shadow. Other products may not be safe for the eye area so be sure to apply away from the immediate eye area. Avoid any sharp costumes (sequins, chunky glitter, etc.) or accessories and make sure masks do not obstruct your vision.

Use new makeup.

Last year’s Halloween makeup is likely infected with harmful bacteria that can cause an eye infection. When it comes to makeup, you’re much better off purchasing new makeup than reusing last year’s leftovers.

Remove your makeup at the end of the night.

Leaving makeup on overnight can cause eye irritation. Make sure to remove it before going to sleep, no matter how late you get home.

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